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Super DVD Ripper 2.3

Highly versatile software tool that performs several DVD-related tasks
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Super DVD ripper is a highly versatile software tool that allows you to perform several very useful DVD-related tasks. The most important thing we can achieve through this tool is format conversion, which allows us to transform the video stream of our DVDs into simpler and lighter file types, like VCD or SVCD. This way, we can back up the video of a DVD by storing it in the space of a CD! This method allows you to save a lot of disk space without almost any perceptible loss of quality. We can even choose which subtitles or audio tracks to include with the video.

This program has a very intuitive and simple interface that includes a Wizard, a tool that will allow us to easily choose the task we want to execute. All we have to do is to select the destination format that we want. We can choose among the most popular ones: an MPEG video file with VCD or SVCD characteristics, or an AVI video file. We can also make the conversion from a video TS folder containing the appropriate VOB files, rather than directly from the DVD disk. The program also includes a built-in CD Burner, which makes the job even easier.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Converts into the most popular formats
  • Allows converting from DVD or TS folder
  • Built-in CD Burner


  • Allows for only 9 uses before asking you to buy the program
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